Michael Bauchert is a web developer with front-end and back-end experience. He graduated from Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis with a Bachelors of Science in Music Technology, and a minor in Computer Science. In his spare time, Michael creates web-based, musical instruments and apps.

For more information on Michael's technical experience, please refer to his resume.

Recent Work

Sequencer App User Interface

Svelte, Tone.js, Web Audio API


Fully responsive, audio sample sequencer. Click the boxes and hit play to make a beat.

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Elusive Disc Carousel

Carousel built from scratch using Svelte for Elusive Disc's new website.

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FM Synth Start Screen

Web Audio API, Web GL, Progressive Web App

FM: Fluid Simulation and FM Synthesis Experiment

A progressive web app featuring multi-touch control of a frequency-modulated synthesizer. User iteration drives fluid simulation visuals using WebGL modified from this GitHub repo.

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Sound Samples Demo

Client-Side JS Utility, Web Components

Audio Sample Converter &

Utility to convert audio files into 30 second clips and custom component to play them in HTML product descriptions.

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Elusive Disc HTML Redesign Demo

Semantic HTML, CSS

HTML Redesign

Complete redesign of the way HTML was written for product descriptions on Elusive Disc's eCommerce website.

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